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April 17
  • Editorial: Let voters decide if council positions should be full time

    Page A11 Spokane City Council personnel costs have almost doubled over the last decade. Two proposed salary advisories are an opportunity to reassess how much residents expect of their representatives, and what … 3

  • Dana Milbank: Is the smartphone making me dumb?

    Page A11 I missed my brother’s anniversary last week. But I have a very 21st-century excuse: I lost it in the cloud. I discovered this the next day when my sister-in-law mentioned …

  • God’s law points the way

    Page A11 Leonard Pitts Jr. continues his Christian-bashing with his April 7 article condemning World Vision and Richard Stearns, as well as all of Christianity. Individual Christians and Christian organizations have always … 119

  • Need a return to morals

    Page A11 What’s all the fuss about kids bullying each other? Isn’t that what we’ve been teaching them for the last 75 years or so? 57

  • Mount Spokane not just for skiers

    Page A11 In his April 10 article, “Mount Spokane expansion in a new phase of debate,” Bill Jennings omits an important argument. 7

  • Pay issue politicized

    Page A11 Democrats are trying their best to divert attention from the Obamacare problems as the next election approaches. The latest issue, brought up by President Obama himself, is pay equality between … 33

April 16
  • Editorial: Donation loopholes need to be resealed

    Page A11 As the courts continue to strike down campaign contribution limits, disclosure becomes increasingly important. But political parties are only interested in that if it gives them an advantage. On Monday, … 9

  • Trudy Rubin: Learning to save freedom

    Page A11 What do Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton agree on? They, like many other prominent Americans, talk effusively about helping Afghan women. The fate of Afghan women is also a subject … 2

  • What if girl died?

    Page A11 We should strongly agree with the April 9 editorial that the Spokane City Council should “rescind (its) week-old resolution supporting relief for the owners of dangerous dog.” This resolution relieved … 39

  • Drug prices explain costs

    Page A11 The Spokesman-Review’s “Area’s top-paid doctors” (April 10) missed the important point that all of the physicians in the top five practice in sub-specialties that require the use of very expensive … 81

April 15
  • Mona Charen: Outlining the case for good teachers

    Page A13 There’s an MRCTV video circulating on the Internet that features a man with a microphone asking college students in Washington, D.C., to name just one member of the United States … 10

  • Editorial: Washington state parks are being sold short

    Page A13 Saturday and next Tuesday are free days at Washington state parks. Spokane is blessed with two of the best – Mt. Spokane and Riverside – that provide easy access to … 17

  • Another look at casino welcome

    Page A13 I am very glad that the Spokane County commissioners have hired attorneys to take another look at whether they should OK another Indian casino at Airway Heights. They point out … 63

  • Boat story full of holes

    Page A13 Apparently, The Spokesman-Review won’t let facts get in the way of a sensational tale. Your front-page story March 28 featured a local businessman who claimed he had been treated unfairly … 47

  • Better use of cameras

    Page A13 With regard to the April 6 article, “More traffic cameras on council’s agenda,” it seems like a solution looking for a problem. After all, Councilman Mike Fagan stated he hasn’t … 15

  • Vegas casinos don’t infringe

    Page A13 I wonder what the real reason is that there is so much fuss over a casino close to Fairchild Air Force Base. 30

April 14
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: The theft of democracy

    Page A9 This is a column about campaign finance reform. And your eyes glazed over just then, didn’t they? 101

  • Super wimp, not power

    Page A9 Super power? We used to be. Super wimps is what we have become. Not just because of wimpy President Obama; we haven’t won a war since World War II. Why? … 91

  • Obamacare a failure

    Page A9 After reading James Ramsey’s April 6 letter, “Proud of Obama,” I feel compelled to express a different view. 108

April 13
  • Editorial: Feds must quickly fix oil-by-rail regulations

    Page B8 U.S. Secretary of Energy Anthony Foxx testified last week that efforts to assure the safe transport of oil by rail are making progress. That’s encouraging, but federal and state regulators … 8

  • Jamie Tobias Neely: Pay gap related to happiness gap

    Page B8 Last week, University of Michigan economist Justin Wolfers came to town. Money actually does make people happier, he told a Spokane crowd. Men in America are happier than women, he … 34

  • Kathleen Parker: Heartland has sense of humor to enjoy Colbert

    Page B8 In selecting Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as host of the “Late Show,” CBS has waged war on America’s heartland – or so proclaims that Palm Beach font of … 10

  • Christine M. Flowers: Immigration solutions require balance, open-mindedness

    Page B9 Jeb Bush made some very provocative comments about immigration the other day. They were red meat for a conservative base that thinks in broad brush strokes about foreigners. Actually, they … 7

  • Logging not cure for forests

    Page B9 Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (April 5) is right about the plight of the federal forests in Eastern Washington, but the problem extends all across the globe. She cites a prediction … 60

  • Hobby Lobby hypocritical

    Page B9 I had to laugh out loud at John Webb’s April 7 shallow justification for the Hobby Lobby case currently under consideration by our corporatist U.S. Supreme Court. Rather than a … 193

  • Sinclair reports misleading

    Page B9 On March 21, The Spokesman-Review ran a story from the Los Angeles Times, “Slap-on-wrist sentence for Army general,” regarding Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair and his sexual affair with a female captain. … 3

  • Obama visit purely political

    Page B9 I saw in the paper that President Obama is going to tour the Oso mudslide site. Give me a break. This is purely a political move. His physical presence at … 56

  • Revise discrimination rules

    Page B9 It is my hope that the Coeur d’Alene School District board of trustees will consider revising its nondiscrimination language to include the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community in its … 37

  • Spokane friendly, but dirty

    Page B9 I wish the mayor would walk around the city and see how dirty the streets are. 9

  • Pay all a minimum wage

    Page B9 There is talk about a guaranteed minimum income for every adult. This sounds extreme except when we remember that every nation is a collection of people living within borders of … 12