Let churches help the homeless by relaxing codes

Finding solutions to homelessness, never easy, become even more complicated when compassion collides with public safety concerns. When temperatures plunge below freezing, answers can be a matter of life and death. Family Promise of Spokane has formed a network of churches willing to offer temporary havens for people who would ... Continued »

Watch who is keeping score

Washington legislators depend on the state’s executive agencies to prepare hundreds of fiscal notes estimating the cost of proposed legislation. They may decide to bring the work in-house. That is not a small thing, and the bulk of the bill’s language suggests why: The lawmakers want numbers that take into ... Continued »

Abortion bill may target a nonexistent problem

Here’s the first question any legislative body should ask when considering a bill: Is there a problem? A Washington Senate measure that would ban “sex-selective abortions” doesn’t pass this test. SB 6612 has an innocent-sounding title, the “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act.” But it’s really a creative attempt by anti-abortion proponents to ... Continued »

‘Seattle quarantine’ bill offers chance to weigh uniformity

Washington cities have been a rambunctious lot the last few years, setting minimum-wage levels and family-leave policies more liberal than those set by the state. Spokane joined the movement last month with a safe and sick leave ordinance enacted by the City Council over the veto of Mayor David Condon. ... Continued »

Final say on community rights

The Supreme Court ruling that smacked down the 2013 Envision Spokane initiative was unanimous, definitive and elementary in its reasoning. It marked the third legal review of the so-called Community Bill of Rights, and Envision’s only victory was a Court of Appeals ruling that initiative challengers did not have “standing;” ... Continued »

Senate bills ID wrong victims

Senate bills 6548 and 6443 identify as good legislation. They are not. The first adds a provision to Washington anti-discrimination laws that would allow private facilities to segregate restrooms based on genitalia. The second would require the state Human Rights Commission to repeal a portion of rules adopted in November ... Continued »

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Clay Bennett / Chattanooga Times Free Press
Clay Bennett / Chattanooga Times Free Press


Paul Marx: Drafting women would improve military

The commandant of the Marines and the Army’s chief of staff testified before a congressional committee last week that they would like to see women register for the draft. That follows the December order from the secretary of defense, Ashton ... Continued »


Change land management

Paul Lindholt provided a comprehensive article (Feb. 7) explaining the abuse of our public lands. Cattle ranching, like all industries, must change or find itself foundering. The taxpayers should not be bailing them out, as we did the auto industry. Continued »

Keough's claims questioned

As someone who follows our Idaho politics, I'm always interested in what our legislators have to say. Sen. Shawn Keough's recent report on the first week of the legislative session raised some questions for me regarding some of her claims now and in the past. Continued »

Riccelli's bill defies voters

A Jan. 17 article in The Spokesman-Review stated that Rep. Marcus Riccelli has introduced a bill to the Washington Legislature that would require that Spokane County increase the number of county commissioners elected to govern the county from three to five. Continued »

Chief in our midst

I've lived in Spokane for about 15 years, and I've watched chiefs of the Spokane Police Department come and go. Mostly go. Continued »

Library staff always there

Regarding "Library loses human touch (Jan. 31)": Mitch Finley should have no worries about a dehumanized library. There are competent staff who obtained that book and video for him. He probably walks by them often at his library. Continued »

No Trump indicator

I once read that Donald Trump represents the litmus paper of the American psyche. Really? Litmus paper turns blue in bases and red in acids. A litmus test is a test in which a single factor determines the findings. Continued »


Lindholdt: Kick cows off refuge lands

Public-lands cattle grazing triggered the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge bloodshed. The Bundy bunch – father Cliven and sons Ammon and Ryan – think they deserve to graze their herds on ... Continued »

Ervin: Executive order stigmatizes disabled.

As President Barack Obama’s executive orders addressing gun violence take effect, disability rights activists are concerned that some aspects unfairly label people with psychiatric disabilities as perpetrators of violence. Currently, ... Continued »

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