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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

April 28
  • Editorial: State should give crime victims full assistance

    Page A11 The sun never sets on the grief and scars of felony crime victims, but 2010 budget cuts that reduced potential state assistance by almost 75 percent will; on July 1. … 1

  • Robert J. Samuelson: GOP hurts itself with estate tax vote

    Page A11 Maybe congressional Republicans really are nuts, suicidal or both. The latest evidence is House approval of legislation abolishing the estate tax, sometimes called the “death tax.” The chances of this …

  • WSU playing games

    Page A11 Getting into medical school is tough. As a junior at Whitworth University on the pre-medical track, I can attest to the challenges of keeping up with classes, participating in extracurricular …

  • Unfair to noncustodial parents

    Page A11 A presumption of innocence leads to very different legal outcomes than a presumption of guilt. Presumptions matter.

  • Teck committed to EPA effort

    Page A11 Teck Resources is fully committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner.

April 27
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Effective debate needs fact-check

    Page A7 “Obama is a Muslim,” it said. “That is a FACT.” As best I can recall – my computer ate the email – that was how the key line went in …

  • Cover Reardan, Edwall

    Page A7 While I appreciated the April 15 and April 19 articles on the Great Northern and Harrington school districts, I’d like to bring to your attention the case of the hybrid …

  • Reject regressive tax hike

    Page A7 Please join me in voting no on Spokane Transit Authority Proposition 1, which increases the sales tax.

April 26
  • Smart Bombs: Tax levies about to burst

    Page B10 Volatile events in Olympia are a sign that, though budget talks ended in a stalemate, pent-up revenue demands can’t be held back forever. Tim Eyman pleaded with Democratic Gov. Jay … 11

  • Kathleen Parker: Music brings out humanity in prison

    Page B10 Lee Correctional Institution, South Carolina’s largest maximum-security prison, gets plenty of bad press – from a riot and a lockdown in February to drone-delivered contraband a few days ago. But …

  • Editorial: Feds ought to regulate pot based on proven data

    Page B10 Regulating marijuana would be a lot simpler if states didn’t have to tip toe around outdated federal law that pretends weed is as dangerous as heroin and has no medicinal … 9

  • William Hyslop: Further court cuts jeopardize system

    Page B11 When the state budget is debated in Olympia, it is seldom – if ever – that funding for Washington’s court system is a topic of public conversation. Higher visibility issues …

  • STA ignores rail transit

    Page B11 I am sorely disappointed that Spokane Transit Authority’s “Moving Forward” plan contains no accommodation for or planning toward any future rail-based transit such as streetcars or light rail. This agency …

  • Some have no voice

    Page B11 It is time to make the decision to vote on Spokane Transit Authority Proposition 1. Only the citizens who live in the service area of STA are being allowed to …

  • Put people on par with parks

    Page B11 I’m glad the mayor, “progressive” City Council and Greater Spokane Incorporated have their priorities in order. We will be spending $500,000 to beautify a triangle near the convention center. This …

  • School needs upgrades

    Page B11 Regarding the Nine Mile School District bonds: I’m voting yes. Visit Lakeside High School during the school day and observe teachers in poorly ventilated rooms trying to teach 30 or …

  • Ethics board out of bounds

    Page B11 In the April 22 Spokesman-Review, I noted an article titled, “Ethics board files OK for free golf tickets.” In essence, the board has determined that it is OK for Washington …

  • Budgets don’t go far enough

    Page B11 Budgets in Olympia reflect the values of our elected leaders, which in turn reflect our local values. The League of Women Voters of the Spokane Area applaud the House budget …

  • Corridor could be tolled

    Page B11 I beg to differ with Gary Crooks’ contention (“Let the future drive policy,” April 5) that when the North-South Corridor is completed, “if it were tolled so that it paid …

  • No shootings at hospitals

    Page B11 For a second there I thought it was an April Fool’s joke, but to my surprise, it’s OK to discharge a firearm in a hospital (“Prosecutor: Shooting at hospital justified,” …

  • Fund local WWAMI program

    Page B11 As a Sacred Heart Medical Center nurse for 34 years, I’m glad state leaders are finally prioritizing medical education here. The need is immense. While Washington State University plans its …

  • Support medical education

    Page B11 I agree with the central point of Washington State University-Spokane Chancellor Lisa Brown’s and Eastern Washington University President Mary Cullinan’s April 11 op-ed, “Higher ed funds critical to region.”

April 25