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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

October 30
  • Dana Milbank: Conservatives take roundabout route to accurate Obama appraisal

    Page A9 In July, when House Republicans voted to sue the president, they spoke of the urgent need to stop “tyranny” at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. “Our freedom is in …

  • Editorial: FBI sting erodes trust in freedom of the press

    Page A9 It’s against the law to impersonate federal agents, but apparently agents believe it’s fine to impersonate journalists. Unbeknownst to the Associated Press, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2007 created … 3

  • Cowan’s the straight shooter

    Page A9 Interesting headline in The Spokesman-Review Oct. 14 regarding the 6th Legislative District Senate race. The headline states that Rich Cowan’s ads are misleading. If David Wasson would have done his …

  • Endorsing Fitzgerald

    Page A9 For nearly 32 years I had the honor and privilege of serving as the Spokane County clerk. The position of county clerk serves as the elected administrative and financial officer …

  • Spokane needs French

    Page A9 Since my election two years ago, I’ve worked to help Spokane become a place of great opportunity; a city where people would come expecting to find career paths, solid blue-collar …

October 29
  • Michael Smerconish: Political extremes dominate for reason

    Page A15 Pew Research Center just released data from its yearlong look at polarization, a follow-up to the June release of its largest survey ever on American politics. The result is a …

  • Editorial: In politics, tracking foes, allies proves troubling

    Page A15 The battle to keep money out of politics has long since been lost, but efforts to unveil the enemies – friends even – goes on. In Western Washington, longtime state … 3

  • Support of temple astounding

    Page A15 I am writing to express my thanks to the Spokane community – and particularly to the faith community here – for its resounding support for us at Temple Beth Shalom …

  • Haskell is real deal

    Page A15 Larry Haskell’s history of proven leadership, military service and community involvement is without parallel. His performance as a prosecutor and his credibility with local, state and federal law enforcement is …

  • Beggs for new ideas

    Page A15 It’s rare in this day and age when you get a chance to vote for a nonpolitical candidate for public office. But Breean Beggs is just that. Beggs is as …

October 28
October 27
  • Gina Barreca: Women shouldn’t undercut women

    Page A7 Here’s something women need to stop doing to other women: We need to stop asking each other to lower our fees, cut our rates or work for free because we’re …

  • Vote for court reforms

    Page A7 If you have not studied the Spokane County District Court races, please do. The current District Court needs some changes. The recent, well-received “A Blueprint for Reform” to improve our …

  • ‘Death sites’ upsetting

    Page A7 I’m very disappointed that you chose to publish Russell Mau’s sick form of entertainment in Paul Turner’s column Oct. 11.

October 26
  • Editorial: Street repair, Riverfront ballot issues deserve ‘yes’ vote

    Page B8 Propositions 1 and 2 offer Spokane voters savvy options for maintaining the streets and refurbishing a beloved park – without increasing current tax rates. Proposition 1 is the next step … 9

  • Kathleen Parker: Bear, wolf protection up for vote in Maine, Michigan

    Page B8 If politicians preying upon your attentions this season fail to inspire, you might seek common cause with the beasts – the four-legged variety rather than those running for office. Ballot …

  • Smart Bombs: Idaho voters face Ybarra test

    Page B8 When Idaho schools superintendent candidate Sherri Ybarra was asked why she omitted a divorce from her personal history, she told the Idaho Statesman, “My brain doesn’t operate in the past.” … 13

  • Shea disrespects voters

    Page B9 I was glad to be one of the few able to get in the door to attend the 4th Legislative District debate Oct. 6. There was a lively debate between …

  • Love of animals is fake

    Page B9 Stravo Lukos (“Souls have hardened,” Oct. 5) writes, “Sometimes it appears that we care more for animals than we do our own.” I disagree. We don’t care about animals as …

  • Jordan brings fresh energy

    Page B9 Idaho voters have an outstanding opportunity to bring fresh energy, clear messaging and bipartisan collegiality to the Idaho Legislature by electing Paulette Jordan to represent District 5 in the Statehouse.

  • Pick Gentleman Joe

    Page B9 I don’t know Joe Pakootas, I just happen to live by the South Hill library where he held a town hall meeting Oct. 13, so I decided to find out …

  • Park needs work

    Page B9 Vote yes for the Riverfront Park Bond – without a tax rate increase.

  • Rely on Beggs

    Page B9 What is expected of a county prosecutor? I found the answer on the American Bar Association website. There are five functions that told me everything I should look for in …

  • Was never Idaho land

    Page B9 Regarding Doug Paterson’s Oct. 8 letter: The federal government cannot “return” land to the state of Idaho, because it was never Idaho’s to begin with.

  • Beware the oath

    Page B9 Over the last 50 years, I have voted in almost every local, state and federal election because I feel it is my right and privilege to do so. Then, after …

  • Biviano is safe choice

    Page B9 The general election is here and it is imperative to elect civic leaders who will have Spokane’s interests at heart, not their own. In the case of Spokane County treasurer, …