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Sun., May 28, 2017, midnight

Congress ignoring Medicaid’s vital role

While health care exchanges and Medicare occupy most of the health care debate, Medicaid has played an unsung role in providing a rosier outlook. It has surpassed Medicare in the number of people served: 74 million, or one in five Americans. Slashing it would exacerbate current crises and create future ... Continued »

Sat., May 27, 2017, midnight

SS disability program discourages work

The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune When the White House unveiled its 2018 budget on Monday, plenty of Democrats were quick to characterize it as stingy and cruel. Among the exhibits for the prosecution was the plan for Social Security Disability Insurance, whose projected outlays the administration would ... Continued »

Fri., May 26, 2017, midnight

Gianforte apology better late than never

In response to the alleged assault on a reporter in Montana, U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, a Republican from Bozeman, tweeted, “Greg Gianforte needs to apologize.” He said it Thursday morning, after the body-slamming of Ben Jacobs of the Guardian, a British publication. He said it after the fantastical statement of ... Continued »

Thu., May 25, 2017, midnight

Coming soon: Hold the phone, get a ticket

The following is from the Yakima Herald-Republic. Washington state’s tougher distracted driving law will go into effect sooner than the Legislature intended, after a tweak by Gov. Jay Inslee. While Inslee’s move properly accelerates the timeline for the law, it does put pressure on the state to get the word ... Continued »

Wed., May 24, 2017, midnight

Ag industry winces at tough talk

Tough talk on illegal immigration and trade might help politicians, but it won’t solve the daunting challenges facing agricultural businesses in Washington state and throughout the country. U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, has co-authored an enforcement-only bill that would exacerbate an agricultural industry with labor pains. Four years ago, Labrador ... Continued »

Tue., May 23, 2017, midnight

Past opinions provide perspective

Looking Back reviews opinions published in The Spokesman-Review during this week in history. Teacher qualifications, May 28, 1924 An S-R editorial noted how the qualifications for teachers had advanced. “The qualifications of teachers in this state have been advanced strikingly during the last 10 years. In 1913 the graduate of ... Continued »

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Sun., May 28, 2017, midnight

Feldman: Trump essentially lied about ban, says court

In a remarkable 10-to-3 decision, a federal appeals court on Thursday affirmed the freeze on the second iteration of President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration from six majority Muslim countries. The court said that national security “is not the ... Continued »

Sun., May 28, 2017, midnight

Parker: Boundaries of civility body-slammed

The shocking thing about Greg Gianforte’s assault on a journalist isn’t that he body-slammed and punched a reporter but that it took so long for the inevitable to occur. Such an attack was foreshadowed way back in March last year ... Continued »


GOP must cut bait

How convenient that the president loses confidence in FBI Director Comey while his administration is being investigated for possible collusion with Russians. If it were me, I would want an investigation to clear my name. And the reasoning: fired because of how Hillary Clinton's investigation was handled. He is joking, right? Preet Bharara, Sally Yates and James Comey -- all individuals who had something to say that the president did not want to hear. Continued »

New rules for Trump

Can you imagine the outrage among Republicans if the Obama or Clinton families were busy marketing themselves worldwide with various countries, especially China, while in office? All rules and protocol seems to have disappeared with a Republican in the White House. Donald Trump, the largest benefactor, vacations every weekend at one of his golf resorts on the public dollar. Continued »

Don't cover the Pavilion

Why couldn't the U.S. Expo Pavilion be left as it appears in May 1 paper? Refurbish what needs to be done to extend its life. Covering it with blue tarps would be disastrous, making it appear as a circus tent or "in storage." How long would the tarps last anyways under out hot, cold and windy conditions? To me the Pavilion is the iconic landmark of our past Expo and now centerpiece of our beautiful downtown park. Continued »

Localize Meals on Wheels

I read a letter awhile back about cutbacks to Meals on Wheels. Apparently, this person and far too many others feel the taxpayers must fund an entitlement. Many of these taxpayers are working extra jobs just to keep shelter and food in their family homes. Continued »


Sun., May 21, 2017, midnight

State should bolster civil legal aid

Too often during a legislative session, we hear about the differences between the citizens of Eastern Washington and those on the West Side. Too often lost in legislative debates are ... Continued »

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