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Tim Campbell

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Lisa Brown: Americans need student debt relief

What does it say about our nation’s priorities when we make it easier to refinance a car loan than a student loan? Hard to believe, but it is true. I was the first in my family to attend college, and I needed grants and loans to get through undergraduate and graduate school. It wasn’t easy back then, but it’s harder now, because federal Pell Grants have not kept pace with the cost of college, forcing students to take on more debt as they pursue their dreams. I witnessed this firsthand as chancellor of WSU Spokane, and teaching at Eastern and Gonzaga.

Dan Dunne: Don’t let feds roll back efficient car standards

I urge Gov. Inslee to respond to the federal assault on cleaner cars by ensuring Washington has a business environment that draws on the imagination of inventors like Edison and keeps Washington’s vehicles on the cutting edge of technology.

Rick Hegdahl: Thanks for keeping our service members first

Thank you, Rep. Adam Smith and Sen. Maria Cantwell for following in Sen. McCain’s footsteps by exhibiting true bipartisanship and ensuring that the National Defense Authorization Act remains focused only on the military and their families and not special interests.

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Tim Campbell


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Michael Gerson: Kavanaugh nomination now hangs by thinnest of strings

It is difficult to comment on an unfolding news story, but this one demands it. It is hard to write about someone you know and like, especially concerning matters of character. But sometimes there is little choice. In the case of Brett Kavanaugh vs. Christine Blasey Ford, the moral issues are not fuzzy or unclear. It is seriously wrong even for a teenager to force himself on a woman in a drunken stupor – if it happened. It is seriously wrong for a Supreme Court nominee to lie about his past failures – if he did. It is seriously wrong to make false, inflammatory accusations – if she has.



Representatives doing nothing

I am beginning to believe either our Congress is unwilling or unable to rein in the actions that our president is instituting or inflicting on our country.

Who’s more compassionate?

Lisa Brown wants us to believe that Cathy McMorris Rodgers is only concerned about accumulating power and wealth. But which candidate is more compassionate? The income tax returns of both candidates show that when it comes to sharing her wealth, Brown lags far behind.

Importance of USPS

Here's a bit of history and some current news for you. The U.S. Post Office, now the U.S. Postal Service, was created by the Second Continental Congress on July 26, 1775. It is an independent agency of the united States federal government. It also was federally funded until 1971. Since then congress has tried, and in some cases succeeded, in using the USPS as a cash cow to fund various government projects.

Time for tuition changes

When I attended WSU in the latter '60s, the tuition costs were $125 per semester or $250 per year. This year's figure for undergraduates is $10,268 for the year, 18 credits maximum per semester.

Tips for voting

I have just become a member of the League of Women Voters, a national, nearly 100-year-old nonpartisan group of people dedicated to voter education and voter registration.



Editorial: The Spokesman-Review isn’t ‘the enemy of the people’

No American president, or any city council member, for that matter, has ever unreservedly delighted in the way he or she was presented in the press. “I so appreciate the accuracy of their reporting on my perceived flaws!” said no official ever. “And good for them for holding me accountable.” But President Donald Trump has veered into unfamiliar and perilous territory with his unceasing all-out assault on the free press and the First Amendment.

Jeremy Field: 65 years of powering the American Dream: U.S. Small Business Administration celebrates 65 years

When President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Small Business Act on July 30, 1953, creating the U.S. Small Business Administration, little did he know the lasting impact the agency would have on generations of American entrepreneurs. Sixty-five years, billions of dollars in small-business loans and government contracts, and millions of new jobs later, the SBA continues to play a vital role in spurring economic development and growth.

Webb Scott Brown: DEQ’s Hecla decision stymies responsible economic development

Our family ranch near Trout Creek at one time included an old mine off the southern end of Goat Peak Ridge. The prospectors at the time never “struck it rich.” But they were close. About a mile to the northwest, the Treasure State could strike it rich for all of Big Sky Country off that same vein – if state government will act responsibly. The Rock Creek and Montanore mining projects are nearing completion of a decades-long environmental permitting process. At full operations, they could provide more than 600 jobs for a region of Montana that has led the state in unemployment and poverty since the collapse of the federal timber harvest.

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