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Idaho’s transgender fight sadly familiar

Idaho has decided to support the 11 states and their leaders who have filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration after the U.S. Department of Education and Justice Department issued a directive on how transgender students should be treated. On Wednesday, Gov. Butch Otter’s office said it would file a ... Continued »

Open up public employee bargaining

Gov. Jay Inslee is running for re-election, but at the same time he is negotiating with state workers on a new labor contract. That could be viewed as a conflict since public employee unions carry a lot of political clout. On the other hand, it’s the governor’s duty to bargain ... Continued »

Looking Back: Opinions from past add perspective

Looking Back reviews opinions published in The Spokesman-Review during this week in history. Monday holiday, May 26, 1956: An editorial noted the pesky problem of holidays, such as Memorial Day, falling in the middle of the week. Why not move holidays to Fridays or Mondays? “There is certainly no need ... Continued »

Congress getting more sensible about medical marijuana

Outdated fears and the plodding progress of government change haven’t served veterans well, as they try to access the growing medical marijuana market. A recent CBS News poll found that 90 percent of adults nationwide were supportive of legalizing medical marijuana. In a 1979 CBS poll, only 27 percent said ... Continued »

Editorial Roundup: Health insurance bull still not tamed

The following abridged versions of Northwest editorials do not necessarily reflect the view of The Spokesman-Review's editorial board. Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, May 18 The health insurance market continues to have more moves than an angry bull at a rodeo. And the result can be just as devastating for those who ... Continued »

Idaho voters don’t go to extremes

No doubt there is an American Redoubt festering in North Idaho, but there’s considerable doubt that Idaho voters will go along with its retrograde agenda. The Redoubt is populated with people who have pulled up stakes elsewhere and moved to Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon in search ... Continued »

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Dana Milbank: What tax tricks are up Trump’s sleeve?

A generation after Ronald Reagan denounced the “welfare queen,” the Grand Old Party is evidently on the verge of nominating its first welfare king. Four years ago last week, the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, famously wrote off the ... Continued »

Trudy Rubin: Iraqi’s novel challenges countrymen

A prominent Arab intellectual has written an important book in English and in Arabic that asks his countrymen to confront a critical question: Who is really responsible for Iraq’s desperate plight? His answer is already provoking hot debate on Arab ... Continued »


America not so beautiful

I was in at the INB Performing Arts Center Saturday afternoon to watch Garrison Keillor bid farewell to Spokane in one of his final "Prairie Home Companion" radio broadcasts. He warmed the audience with a group sing-along. While singing "America The Beautiful," I unexpectedly sobbed. It's a lovely song that poignantly celebrates the love we have for our country. Continued »

Deadly force questioned

The letter from Terri Echegoyen, "Deadly force necessary?," echoed so many of my thoughts each time I read of another police shooting. I came from a law enforcement family and have always admired and respected those who place their lives at risk to protect society. But I also wonder why deadly force is used so often. Continued »

What's Ozzie's disaster plan?

It has taken me two full days to calm down after reading the guest opinion published May 21 from Republican leaning Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and Republican Sen. Michael Baumgartner regarding balancing rail, safety and jobs. Continued »

Obama tastes own medicine

When President Obama was elected, he had made a deal with Nevada Sen. Harry Reid to stop construction of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste disposal site. The president did that by not giving the funding to the project. Congress decides funding, but the executive branch deals it out. Continued »

Stand against coal scam

Saturday's op-ed ("Spokane can balance rail traffic, safety, jobs") calls for more coal trains through Spokane? Why? What can Spokane gain from thousands of Wyoming coal trains clogging our rail lines and street crossings each year, forcing taxpayers to fund $30 million overpasses while local farmers can't ship their grain? Coal that drifts back from Asia as more of the mercury pollution that already has local rivers and lakes under fish consumption advisories? Continued »

Start bike-sharing

As I read distressed letters and notifications from people who have had their bikes stolen, this question comes to mind: Why don't we have a free bicycle program in Spokane and the Tri-Cities? Continued »


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