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Scott: Get used to mix of celebrities, politics

Sat., Sept. 23, 2017

But the lack of expertise aside, the reason many of us tolerate celebrity engagement in policy is because we know that behind their public images celebrities are real people.

Anti-fascist heroines then and now

Fri., Sept. 22, 2017

The history of resistance to fascism is worth recalling at this critical moment in U.S. politics, and also at this time of the Jewish High Holy Days, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Keillor: Of thee they sing, with feeling

Wed., Sept. 20, 2017

The flag is the flag and hurray for it but the sight of it is not so moving as being in a crowd singing about the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air.

Ed Rogers: Can the GOP survive Trump?

Sun., Sept. 17, 2017

Finding a way to persuade the volatile president to become a benefit to the GOP rather than its gadfly should be job No. 1 for a sizable portion of the Republican leadership.

Christine Flowers: Liberal views intercepting sports

Sat., Sept. 16, 2017

The implication was unmistakable: Black athletes who don’t disrespect the flag or the national anthem are Uncle Toms, while people like Kaepernick are heroic. I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with the politicization of sports

Froma Harrop: Elite cities need break from success

Sat., Sept. 16, 2017

For the “elite” cities, sharing the growth would reduce pressure to tear down their beloved neighborhoods to build forests of soulless towers – all in the name of improving affordability.

Amy Goodman: Trump backs pipelines to disaster

Fri., Sept. 15, 2017

So as climate-change-fueled disasters ravaged the U.S., Trump – the man who called climate change a Chinese hoax – was doing all he could to ensure future catastrophes.

Brad Stone: Equifax is a Category 5 breach

Tue., Sept. 12, 2017

The company’s primary mission is to compile, store and disseminate personal information on customers to creditors who want to know if they are making good loans or not. And to do it securely! That’s all.

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