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Faye Flam: Why 50-year-olds should be eligible for Medicare

Sun., Dec. 10, 2017

Americans are more likely to enter the 65-and-up age group with chronic diseases – heart disease, diabetes, hypertension – which aren’t curable but could have been headed off had people gotten better care earlier.

Kathleen Parker: Franken sacrificed on political altar

Sun., Dec. 10, 2017

Sen. Al Franken’s alleged actions, including one that was captured on film, were certainly objectionable. But they were nowhere near as repugnant as the charges leveled at Moore and other men of prominence.

Gary Abernathy: No reason to abandon steadfast Trump

Sat., Dec. 9, 2017

Trump has tried to keep his biggest campaign promises on repealing Obamacare, securing the border and cutting taxes, and he stayed true to his word with his pick of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Now, his declaration of U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital fulfills another pledge.

Ranesh Ponnuru: Franken’s calculated strategy of non-denial

Sun., Dec. 3, 2017

In the interview, then, Franken gives a master class in how a politician can try to wriggle out of answering a question. Unfortunately for him, Murphy gives a master class in how a journalist can try to pin a politician down.

Christine M. Flowers: Trump’s tweets were un-Christian

Sat., Dec. 2, 2017

The president of a country that has millions of Muslims who serve honorably in our armed services, who obey our laws and who honor our flag should not be tweeting out messages that make them feel unwanted.

Samuelson: Tax bill is wrong policy, wrong time

Thu., Nov. 30, 2017

There should be no net increase in budget deficits; indeed, other taxes (a carbon tax?) should be gradually increased to help close the long-term gap between federal spending and taxes.

Sullivan: Real journalism bags fake-news hunters

Wed., Nov. 29, 2017

News people used to joke that readers should never be allowed to see how the sausage is made. Now we need to show that messy process as clearly as possible. Our very credibility depends on it.

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