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Spin Control: Active initiative campaigns have to kick into high gear

Memorial Day weekend means its crunch time for efforts to get enough signatures on petitions for initiatives to the Legislature.

McMorris Rodgers, Brown and other congressional candidates clash on foreign policy

Congressional candidates to represent Eastern Washington have major disagreements on some foreign policy questions.

Fifth Congressional District candidates answer questions on foreign policy

QuestionCathy McMorris Rodgers REPUBLICANLisa Brown DEMOCRATJered Bonneau REPUBLICANDave Saulibio TRUMP POPULISTWas the administration right to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem? Absolutely. Israel is our greatest Middle East friend and ally, and Jerusalem is its eternal capital.It depends. Agrees with goal of moving the embassy, disagrees with timing and way administration executed decision.Absolutely. Jerusalem is the holy city and capital of Israel.Yes. It’s their capital city. Trump followed through where other presidents were all talk.What action, if any, should the U.S. take in response to Israel’s use of deadly force against Palestinian protests as a result of that move?None. Claims that these were peaceful were untrue. What we saw was caused by Hamas and its allies.It depends. U.S. has a responsibility to speak against evidence of human rights violations, should work with Israel and Palestinians for a two-state solution.None. Those were not protesters. They attacked Israel, which acted in self-defense.None. It’s their country, it’s their border. They have the right.Should President Donald Trump get authorization from Congress before taking any more military action against Syria?It depends. Actions so far have been appropriate. The president should have open dialogue with Congress for any in the future.Yes. It’s the constitutional role of Congress to approve military action like that. Republican leaders should stand up to the president on this.It depends. Not if our troops are attacked. Any other action, per the Constitution, needs congressional approval.No. Let him handle it. Congress has more issues to worry about, like the debt, Social Security and immigration.Should the U.S require denuclearization of North Korea before easing sanctions?Yes. North Korea has a history of using talks to buy time. We must be firm.Yes. When the administration makes conflicting statements, doesn’t work with allies and reverses course, instability is the result.Absolutely.Yes. Keep up the pressure. Don’t trust “Rocket Man.”Do you support President Trump’s decision to add more troops and military resources to Afghanistan?Yes. His stance in Afghanistan has the support of the Afghan government.No. Victory in Afghanistan shouldn’t be a military one, it should be a diplomatic one.Yes. Trump is being advised by generals who know how to win conflicts.Yes. We need to finish the job and give field commanders the resources.Should the North American Free Trade Agreement be abandoned, renegotiated or kept essentially as it is?Renegotiated. To keep up with the 21st century on issues like intellectual property rights.Renegotiated. But the administration may have missed the time line for Congress to renew any new agreement.Renegotiated To support America First; if that can’t happen, then dissolve it.Possibly abolished. If we don’t get a better deal, walk away at some point.Do you support the administration’s proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum?No. Doesn’t support across-the-board approach and has made that clear to administration. Supports a targeted approach.No. Tariffs can be a tool to level the field in trade agreements but these were done unilaterally and without much foresight. Yes. This has already been effective and is helping America First policies.Yes. It’s about time. The world plays football on trade, we play baseball.Should the U.S. increase sanctions on Russia?Yes. Congress approved sanctions last year for interference in the election.Yes. Implement sanctions already passed by Congress. Republican leadership should stand up to administration on this issue.No. We should be looking for ways to restore relations with Russia.Yes. Send them a message, focus on energy, get oil down to the $30 per barrel range.Was the U.S. correct to pull out of the Iranian nuclear agreement?Yes. It was flawed and didn’t do enough to stop Iran. We need a new direction.No. Implementation and enforcement issues need to be fixed but unilaterally pulling out without a clear strategy was wrong.Absolutely. This was a massive mistake among many by President Barack Obama’s administration.Yes. Didn’t care for the sunset clause and it couldn’t be verified.Should the federal government separate parents and children who are detained for entering the U.S. without proper documentation?No. Doesn’t believe in tearing families apart. We should increase border security so families aren’t put in this situation.No. Unless the parent was accused of a crime and is jailed while going through the legal process.No. If they cross illegally, families should be detained together and sent back together.Yes. There’s a potential toll but the U.S. should follow procedures, even if it means separating families. Should the U.S. grant asylum status to people from Central America arriving in caravans?No. There’s a pre-established program for asylum. We should be open and welcoming, but large activism on the border is not the way to go.If they qualify. Regardless of how they arrive, should get due process. U.S. should work with other countries to ensure safe places for refugees and constantly re-evaluate policies. No. This is an illegal and planned invasion. No asylum for criminals.No. We need to secure the border, and this adds to the immigration problem.Should the U.S. recognize Taiwan as an independent nation and increase arms sales to the Taiwanese?No. Continues to support the one China policy. Include Taiwan in international panels and make sure it is defended. No. A 1979 law prevents recognizing Taiwan, Congress should not reverse that without a diplomatic process.Not now. Because of the state of relations with China, trying to calm the storm Obama created.Yes. They are a good ally and trading partner, doesn’t care how China feels.Should the U.S. lift the embargo and normalize relations with Cuba?No. Until Cuba chooses to grant basic human rights to citizens sees no reason to grant them access to the U.S.Yes. Visited Cuba in 2016 on a trade mission and saw large potential for ag trade and science exchange.Not now. Should see more conditions regarding human rights and democracy met first. No. Doesn’t see what we’re going to get out of that.Editor’s note: A fifth candiate for the seat, Kari Ilonummi of Arlington, Washington, did not respond to calls and an email asking him to participate.

Spin Control: Words of campaign advice for a new crop of candidates

Spin Control offers its annual advice to candidates entering the campaign.

Contested races slated for Whitman County

Candidate filing for the Aug. 7 primary election in Washington state closed Friday, and many races are contested in Whitman County.

U.S. Senate primary: Cantwell and 29 challengers

U.S. Senate race draws a near record number of candidates and Eastern Washington’s 5th Congressional District race grows to five on final day of filing week.

Saulibio joins race against McMorris Rodgers

Colbert businessman joins Eastern Washington’s congressional race.

Scotchman Peak advisory vote sends a clear message to lawmakers, but does little else

Bonner County residents rejected a 13,000 acre proposed wilderness area, Tuesday. And although the vote may have sent a message to lawmakers, while also serving as a rallying cry for state rights champions, it won’t actually change how the forest is managed.

Women make history in Idaho’s primary

Tuesday’s primary election results mark a historic first for Idaho: With women winning both parties’ primaries for lieutenant governor, and no other candidates running, Idaho is guaranteed to elect its first female lieutenant governor in November.

More candidates file for legislative office

First-time candidates file for Spokane-area legislative seats.

Phil Hart, Kathy Sims lose bids to return to Idaho Legislature

Two former state legislators making comeback bids were halted by voters in Tuesday’s Republican primary

McMorris Rodgers, Bonneau file for Congress

Number of Senate candidates continues to grow as other races fill out.

It’s Paulette Jordan vs. Brad Little for Idaho governor

Paulette Jordan, a two-term state representative and former Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council member, pulled off an upset win in Idaho’s Democratic gubernatorial primary Tuesday over the party’s 2014 nominee, Boise businessman and longtime school board member A.J. Balukoff.

Results of Idaho primary races

With 669 of 951 precincts reporting.GOVERNORDemocrats A J Balukoff41.1% Peter Dill1.4% Paulette Jordan57.5%Republicans Tommy Ahlquist28.2% Harley Delano Brown0.4% Dalton Ben Cannady0.3% Raul Labrador30.9% Brad Little37.3% Lisa Marie1.6% Steve Pankey1.3%LT. GOVERNORDemocrats Kristin Collum88.3% Jim Fabe11.7%Republicans Marv Hagedorn15.3% Janice McGeachin28.2% Bob Nonini13.6% Kelley Packer15.0% Steve Yates28.0%SECRETARY OF STATEDemocrats Joseph J.P. Chastain25.0% Jill Humble75.0%STATE TREASURERRepublicans Julie A. Ellsworth37.4% Tom Kealey34.3% Vicky J McIntyre28.3%SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTIONDemocrats Allen Humble15.8% Cindy Wilson84.2%Republicans Jeff Dillon40.3% Sherri Ybarra59.7%

Incumbent Kootenai County Commissioners Eberlein and Bingham lose seats

Two Kootenai County commissioners lost in Tuesday’s Republican primary.

Russ Fulcher wins Idaho GOP primary to replace Labrador in Congress

With an open seat in Congress at stake, former state Sen. Russ Fulcher easily captured the Republican nomination for the position held by Raul Labrador. Real estate agent Cristina McNeil won a three-way race among Democrats and will face Fulcher in November.

Paulette Jordan wins Idaho’s Democratic governor primary

BOISE, Idaho – Former state Rep. Paulette Jordan has won the Democratic primary for Idaho governor. She is the first woman to become the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Idaho.

Voters can mail in primary, general election ballots for free

State to cover costs of mailing ballots back for voters in 38 counties after King County votes to pay the postage for its voters.

Senate race gets 11 hopefuls as candidates file for office Monday

Washington’s U.S. Senate race got crowded in a hurry Monday, as 10 challengers filed to run against incumbent Democrat Maria Cantwell.

Time to break out the starting gun for the 2018 election

Filing week, the official start of the 2018 elections in Washington, starts Monday.