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Sheriff’s race centers on jail debate

Debate over the need for a new Spokane County Jail has become a key issue in this year’s campaigns for sheriff and county commissioner after a candidate in the sheriff’s race produced a radio ad pegging the potential cost at $300 million. Doug Orr, who is challenging incumbent Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, has won the endorsement of former Sheriff Mark Sterk. In a radio ad, Sterk says, “Now is not the time to be promoting a $300 million jail.” Read more

Shawn Vestal: GOP shies from criticizing Matt Shea publicly

Did you know Matt Shea was an Oath Keeper? Did you know he likes to sit around with other Oath Keepers – self-declared patriots and apocalyptic prophets – and check out night-vision goggles and talk about guns? Read more

Eye on Boise: Idaho parks board picks new director

BOISE – Idaho is getting a new state parks chief, and a Democrat is joining GOP Gov. Butch Otter’s Cabinet. David Langhorst, a former Democratic state senator from Boise and a current state tax commissioner, was selected as the new parks director by the state Parks and Recreation Board; he’ll start work Monday, replacing the retiring Nancy Merrill. Read more

Editorial: GOP’s Kuney best-qualified for Spokane County treasurer

Four years ago, Rob Chase was a write-in candidate who finished second in the primary and then knocked off incumbent Spokane County Treasurer Skip Chilberg in the fall. Now, it’s Chase who is being pursued, and his challengers are both better qualified for the position. Oddly, treasurer is a partisan position, though all of the candidates agree it should not be treated that way. Read more

Peterson says he’s filed lawsuit against GOP officials

Embattled state GOP Chairman Barry Peterson announced today that he and six backers have filed a lawsuit in state district…

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Balukoff offers 3-1 match for donors to his campaign against Otter

A.J. Balukoff, the Democratic candidate for governor of Idaho, is matching contributions to his campaign by putting in $3…

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High-profile challengers in race for Washington’s 4th District state House seat

State Rep. Leonard Christian is an incumbent in the unusual position of facing two primary opponents who have as much or more name recognition as he has. Christian, who was appointed a state representative early this year to fill a vacancy, is challenged by Diana Wilhite, a former Spokane Valley mayor who has been active in local politics for decades, and Bob McCaslin, who shares the name of his late father who served in the state Senate for more than 30 years. Read more

Q&A with Spokane Valley state House candidates Christian, Wilhite, McCaslin

4th District House questions All three candidates for 4th Legislative District Representative, position 1 were asked the same questions on key issues. Here are their answers. Read more

Three vie in 3rd District; Riccelli finishing first term

In the August primary, two candidates are challenging the newest legislator representing central Spokane. But Libertarian Randy McGlenn II and Republican Tim Benn could have an uphill battle in the Democratic-leaning 3rd Legislative District against incumbent Marcus Riccelli. Read more

CdA had highest score for crisis center, but lost out due to local lawmakers’ opposition

Coeur d’Alene actually had the highest score in the competition for a state mental health crisis center by a…

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Growth is key in Spokane County commission race

Republican Spokane County Commissioner Al French is facing a potential rerun of 2010, when he ousted Democrat Bonnie Mager in a close race. This time, Mager has shed her Democratic Party affiliation, choosing to run as an independent. Read more

Q&A with county commissioner candidates French, Mager and Johnson

County commissioner questions All three candidates for county commissioner were asked the same questions on key issues. Here are their answers. Read more

Profiles of candidates for Spokane County commissioner, District 3

Candidates Job description: This Spokane County office is part of a three-member board that serves as the executive of county operations. Commissioners decide on budgets, land use, staffing, county utilities and other matters. Read more

Editorial: Democratic candidate Marcus Riccelli is the right choice for Legislative District 3

The November race for Legislative District 3, Position One, pits 2012 contestants Rep. Marcus Riccelli, a Democrat, and day care owner Tim Benn, a Republican. A first-time candidate, Libertarian Randy McGlenn, is also running. Riccelli represents a rare breed in Olympia: a Democrat from Eastern Washington. He is well-versed on the issues and well-connected to make things happen. He used to work for former Majority Leader Lisa Brown. While he is to the left of the editorial board on some business and regulatory issues, Riccelli’s a good fit for one of the state’s poorest districts. Read more

Ballots start to go in mail tomorrow

County elections offices around the state will begin mailing out ballots Wednesday to the state's voters. Spokane County elections…

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Finance experience an issue in county treasurer race

Current Spokane County Treasurer Rob Chase learned one lesson in defeating his predecessor, Skip Chilberg, in the 2010 election. “For sure, I’m campaigning. I’m raising money,” said Chase, the 60-year-old self-described constitutionalist who’s facing a primary challenge from two Spokane accountants, Mary Kuney and Amy Biviano. Read more

Candidates for Spokane County treasurer

Spokane County Treasurer Job description: The county treasurer is the custodian of all funds for the county and governmental subdivisions, including school districts and special purpose districts. The treasurer is also entrusted with disbursing funds for the county and assorted government units in the county. Read more

Q&A with Spokane County Treasurer candidates Biviano, Kuney and Chase

All three candidates for Spokane County treasurer were asked the same questions on key issues. Here are their answers. Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot. Read more

Today’s fun video: A candidate, a shotgun and an elephant pinata


Firearms may be a great accessory for campaign ads, but apparently not if you are a Democrat running for Congress…

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When a past Idaho governor wanted his own state party chairman, he got him…

Idaho Statesman political columnist Dan Popkey cornered a half-dozen people for video remembrances at former Idaho Gov. John V. Evans…

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