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The Spokesman-Review is proud to serve the advertising needs of the Spokane, Coeur d’ Alene and surrounding areas. We deliver the largest and most affluent audience in the
Inland Northwest which allows our clients to achieve remarkable results with their advertising campaigns.

The Spokesman-Review’s advertising campaigns not only reach the largest audience in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, but are customizable too! Our clients love this flexibility and understand The Spokesman-Review offers advertising solutions for every marketing challenge.

Advertiser Testimonials

Ed Clark

Ed Clark | Clark Company

“There are more people reading the Spokesman-Review in print and online than most people think. Our clients get excellent results from their Spokesman-Review advertising. In fact, one client just described the results as robust! They are professional and easy to work with and their new rates are very reasonable. I will continue to recommend to all of my clients that they capitalize on the reach of the Spokesman-Review.”

Lance Kissler

Lance Kissler
STCU Marketing Manager

"STCU’s mission includes educating the community about how to manage their finances better. In order to reach a wider audience, we partnered with the Spokesman-Review to deliver paid placements in a format that both provided value and maintained authenticity, while driving traffic to our STCU Money Blog."

Latah Creek

Mike, Ellena and
Natalie Conway
Latah Creek Wine Cellars

"We have found the Spokesman-Review print and online advertising to be very effective in driving customers to our Spokane Valley retail location. We have promoted numerous special events and products with the Spokesman over the past 35 years and we’ve learned we can rely on them to generate a healthy return on our investment. We will continue to promote our products and events in the Spokesman-Review because we know it works for us."

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