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Time for a third party

The failure of AIG and Freddie and Fannie that was the cause of our financial collapse employed and paid the politicos millions every year for the last 20 years. Many of these recipients are still in Congress and holding high positions in the current administration. This policy is insane, immoral and should be illegal. These same people are borrowing trillions and creating programs to rectify their incompetent oversight.

Congress is now conducting hearings about $165 million in bonuses in order to divert our attention from the $400 billion given to AIG and Freddie and Fannie, which was used to bail out many of their millionaire sponsors here and overseas.

The Congress is a reactionary body which refuses to address the long-term problems of energy, immigration, permanent funding for Social Security and Medicare, tax simplification and government waste (estimated at one-third of all spending).

Time for a third party! The qualifications are integrity, competence and term limits (two or four years in the House). No professional politicians allowed. Most likely candidates would be retired people or others who take a sabbatical and look upon this as an opportunity for public service. This group could become the conscience of the Congress.

David T. Hamer