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Obama weakening America

I am 77 years old, a Korean infantry veteran who knows what war is all about.

This ivory tower administration (and that is the most complimentary thing I can say about them) is rapidly, before our very eyes, destroying the CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies as well as the morale of the military.

In combat, to hesitate is to die. Now, all must hesitate, consult their personal attorneys and count to 10 before taking action against our enemies. Idiocy.

Talk about torture? One of my comrades was tied to a stake and burned alive in front of our lines. We are not even allowed to insult the enemy under penalty of having some loud mouth in Congress and a political AG bring prosecution and destroy their economic as well as their personal lives.

Another year of the Obama administration and America will be weakened and unrecognizable.

God help America. Pray for my grandchildren.

Hugh Dame

Liberty Lake