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S-R whining endless

I see smog clouds from The Spokesman-Review editor rooms regarding public employees who work for a living.

The Spokesman-Review complains over public wages, then wants highly paid professors training our work force. The Spokesman-Review coughs about health care costs, then clings to fat-cat CEOs who destroyed health insurance.

The Review pencil-pushers moan on about criminals who escape, then bellyache about the taxes that keep thugs locked up. They burp up complaints on law enforcement, yet would be the first to call 911 if plundered by goons. They wheeze and blow on how the state spends taxes, then blow gobs of cash on the parking garage fiasco. They whine about potholes and whine about taxes for contractors to fix streets. On and on they whine. Constant groaning and fussing. Please, Doug Clark, give them pacifiers and rock them to sleep. Please.

Michael J. Brown



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