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Sun., July 12, 2009, midnight

Congresswoman out of touch

Brilliant, just brilliant. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted against the American Clean Energy and Security Act, then crowed about it in one of her e-mailed newsletters. Claiming that the bill would exorbitantly raise energy costs, despite nonpartisan research indicating that the bill will cost the average American very, very little, McMorris Rodgers took her version of the high ground in our defense. Of course, being in sway to Republican leadership, she did not offer any alternative to protect her district – us – from the increasingly dire prospects of climate change.

Thankfully, the bill passed despite McMorris Rodgers’ out-of-touch protestations. While many of us hoped for a stronger bill with fewer giveaways to polluters and energy hogs, it is at least a start. Take the time to write or call our senators to support passage of a stronger bill. Sen. Marian Cantwell sits on the Senate’s Energy Committee. And remember McMorris Rodgers’ sad voting record in the next election.

Paul Franzmann

Walla Walla

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