March 6, 2009 in Letters

Back to basics

The Spokesman-Review

I am voting no on the upcoming school levy renewal and the school bond renewal. The last time I voted in favor of public school funding, North Central High School received about $1 million. They promptly tore down several businesses and built tennis courts. How, I wonder, do tennis courts improve public education?

Schools have just about stopped teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Students are told they need not be able to spell, because they will have computers with spell-checkers. Of course, the computers will not be able to determine if the student wishes to use the word to, too or two; the word threw or through; or the word your or you’re. As an employer, I have seen, firsthand, the results of this type of teaching – and it’s not good.

The past superintendent of public instruction eliminated teaching long division because, she said, it inhibited creativity. (I guess Albert Einstein was not creative enough.) I am not voting for any more school funding until schools go back to the basics.

Cheryl Mitchell


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