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Sun., March 29, 2009

Thomas overlooked cause

In his most recent column, Cal Thomas implies that we should be ashamed of ourselves for picking on the AIG millionaires. We should instead be angry with the politicians who dared to support the bailout. In his usual fairness Cal did say both parties were to blame, followed by a list of prominent Democrats who need ousting.

The problem with Thomas’ logic is in not understanding that the bailout is an attempt at a solution to a problem created by the deregulation movement primarily sponsored by the Republican Party. Republicans have used the term “big government” as a scare tactic since the party switched from the Lincoln to the Reagan attitude.

As an American and a taxpayer, I want some payback. A view of the coastline with all of those multimillion-dollar estates makes my stomach turn, especially when I see the pain and heartache being caused by the evictions and unemployment statistics of our current economy.

Steven Brown


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