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Thu., Nov. 5, 2009

Competition is the answer

As usual, Gary Crooks’ analysis on the Obama health plan (Nov. 1) is filled with half-truths and diversions.

As a senior I was against the Medicare drug bill. That was when Republicans tried to be Democrats and bribe their constituents. They were removed as the majority party, but Democrats, true to form, will regain that minority honor.

The drug bill was based on insurance competition and is the only government program that actually cost less than anyone thought, being 40 percent under estimates. The reason was real competition. If only we let insurance companies be able to cross state lines and offer À la carte programs, we would see costs level off immediately or actually decline.

The Obama savings of $500 billion from Medicare is a fraud. Fraud is estimated from $70 billion to $100 billion. In 2007 the government prosecuted about 250 entities with less than $1 billion of fraud, per the Wall Street Journal. Eliminating the 25 percent of seniors who have Medicare Advantage will save $177 billion.

What do those poor people do then? Where is the other $250 billion in savings? Gary Crooks, left-wing health huckster.

Jack Thompson


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