November 14, 2009 in Letters

Political investing pays off

The Spokesman-Review

While most Saturday TV viewers were watching one or another football clash, I sat glued to the more than 12-hour C-SPAN depiction of the reflected electorate.

The people we call our representatives know us much better than we know them, and they are clearly ready to dance with and for those who buy their way into the congressional ballroom.

Having taken the time to acquaint myself with the issues involved, I could readily see that many of the congresspersons were merely mouthing messages of excuse and distraction for the inattentive, slogan-accepting, lazy among us.

At the close of that extended engagement the people’s side only won by the margin of a gridiron safety.

Why? Because those voting representatives (including our own) are, in truth, able and quite trustworthy representatives of those who underwrite their services. Many have demonstratively proven themselves to be little more than direct agents of the special interests who underwrite their campaigns.

How many U.S. senators will now show themselves as being bought and paid for by the insurance powerhouses and their affiliated interests?

President Barack Obama boosted us this close. It’s our job to cross America’s long-sought goal line now.

Tom Westbrook


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