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Return of Don Quixote

After months of absence, Donald Clegg has resumed his essays in the Faith and Values section of the Saturday Spokesman-Review.

For many of us Spokane theists, Clegg is Spokane’s Don Quixotic atheist. We are fascinated, watching him tilt at windmills. Like Don Quixote he ridicules us theists, but is chivalrous, consistent, persevering and passionate. He repeatedly tells us theists who we are, what we believe about God, what our religious practices are and what is the basis of our mortality.

Knightlike, he revels at jousting and skewering us theists with his “reasonable” judgments. He imagines that he is scoring plenty of coups. Touche!, he says as he completes each essay.

But he is not dealing with substance, only accidentals. He expends prodigious energy trying to prove a negative. Like a windmill, he goes round and round, never getting to the point.

Bizarre it is that I write this letter about our local atheist, in the sanctuary of a church, waiting as my wife is downstairs patronizing the church’s bazaar.

James J. Flynn