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Wed., Nov. 25, 2009

Fight terrorists over there

After reading a recent letter written by Philip Waring (Nov. 18) titled “Anti-terrorism toll too high,” it intrigued me whether or not the sacrifice of our uniformed men and women should be over in other countries fighting the war on terrorism. Waring stated how there are more deaths from men and women fighting overseas than there were during the Sept. 11 attack.

If our men and women are not overseas fighting terrorism, should terrorism be fought in the U.S. once another Sept. 11 occurs? Should our young and old Americans have to deal with the everyday fears of terrorism down their street or across the world?

In the letter, Waring writes about how other terrorists will take the place of the terrorists that the soldiers fight away. Of course there will be horrible terrorists in the world; it’s best to fight them in their own countries rather than bringing them to the U.S., home of the free.

For many the United States is a place where we can practice religion, culture and lifestyles freely, not a place where Sept. 11 happens – often because we fail to fight terrorism where it starts.

Bina R. Mathew


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