October 18, 2009 in Letters

Creation science is logical

The Spokesman-Review

On Oct. 10, in “Our primary picks stand for Nov. 3 general vote,” you stated about Spokane Public Schools Board Position 4, “Laura Carder wants change, but it’s the wrong kind, such as teaching creationism in science classes.” Apparently, all you know about creation is the Genesis account.

Creation science acknowledges a designer far more intelligent than we. Macro evolution (from one species to one more evolved such as Darwin’s) is only a theory. It violates the law of biogenesis, among others. It is the atheists’ way to explain origins without a creator. How could the complex DNA, the blueprint of the life form, among other examples, come about by billions of years of lucky chances? However, Micro evolution (within the species), or the “law of the jungle,” is proven, therefore scientific.

Creation is not only about religion, it’s logical. If you are pro-choice, surely you would allow each student to choose which theory to accept.

Laura Carder


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