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Sat., Oct. 31, 2009

Clinic sale concern misleading

On Oct. 21 this paper quoted the CEO of Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center as saying that “Providence will not sit back and allow (Rockwood and Deaconess) to disrupt patient care and physician practice at our facilities.” He went on to state that Providence would hire “replacements for Rockwood’s physicians and services.”

This seems to be based on an assumption that a potential agreement between Rockwood and Community Health Services would force our physicians to abandon Sacred Heart. Many of us at Rockwood plan to continue our practices at Providence Sacred Heart.

It has been clear in all our talks that CHS would not force our doctors to leave their practices at Sacred Heart. Any disruption of care of our patients at Sacred Heart would be at the choosing of Providence. We hope it does not come to that, as our primary goal remains to provide outstanding and seamless care to our patients – at a facility of their choice.

Dr. Mathew Rawlins


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