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Media to blame

If I were to place blame for what is happening in our country on any one thing, it would be you, The Spokesman-Review, and other media outlets across our county. The free press is supposed to be the guardian of our freedom. You have failed.

If you had reported the truth about President Obama, who he is and what he believes in, he would have never been elected. If you had exposed excerpts from his speeches and interviews and those he associated with for as long as 10 years ago, you would have exposed his political leanings. He believes in socialism. He believes in transforming the United States and rewriting the Constitution.

He has destroyed the economy and quadrupled the deficit in one year. He has destroyed our standing in the world. He is following the same steps as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, starting with the takeover of the banking and auto industries. Look who he has included in his administration, Marxists and Maoists.

Yet, you have failed to investigate and report on these concerns. He is a fraud and a sham, and you have allowed this.

I sense a revolution brewing in this country, and I welcome it!

Beverly Cook


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