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Utility choices too narrow

Wow, Mr. Morris, CEO of Avista, received over $3 million pay/compensation last year and $2.68 million in 2008! I think I remember receiving notification that the Avista rates are going up just a month or so ago. Wonderful! I guess $3 million a year just doesn’t last like it used to. I bet Mr. Morris can take a $2 million pay cut this coming year and put that towards all those “needed upgrades.”

Maybe it is just me, but is anyone else disgusted with the monopoly Avista has? They are the only gig in town if a person wants electricity and gas. It sure would be nice if we folks making way, way less than $3 million a year could purchase our utilities from a company that does not give its top executive such an outrageous wage. Maybe it is just me again, but I think the only person that should be making $3 million a year is the surgeon removing brain tumors from children.

Pamela Breuer


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