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Sat., April 24, 2010

Democrats have to go

I have been in business in Spokane for 24 years and have had to fight Olympia on two separate occasions. In both cases, I was found to be in the right, but had to pay over $150,000 in legal fees to prove it. The state didn’t care, and there is no way for me to recoup those expenses.

Now with Olympia raising the B&O taxes on businesses and the ill-run workers’ compensation and Labor and Industries, we are being forced to look at moving our offices and employees to Idaho. In Washington, B&O taxes are taken right off the top, no matter if the company is making a profit or not. In this economy, this is the absolute worst thing they could do now.

Washington has become unfriendly to businesses and the Democrats who are running our state have no clue how their actions affect businesses or individuals. They no longer represent the citizens but themselves and the unions who support their campaigns. For this reason I will do everything in my power to remove every Democrat in office. That’s why I’m supporting Michael Baumgartner for Senate and all other Republicans.

Larry L. Lambeth

President, Employment Screening Services Inc.


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