April 24, 2010 in Letters

Deputies aren’t the problem

The Spokesman-Review

While correctly criticizing Steve Tucker for his failure to file felony charges within 72 hours, Jim Reierson (Letters, April 17) unfairly puts partial blame on the deputy prosecutors and staff who have continued to protect Spokane County despite Mr. Tucker’s failures.

The real blame lies fully at the feet of Mr. Tucker. Mr. Tucker has proven to be woefully indecisive, delaying important decisions for unreasonably long periods of time, often avoiding making any decision at all on important issues and cases.

In my view, the bigger story is more evidence of Mr. Tucker’s habitual failure to take action when public safety demands. Mr. Tucker points to the loss of deputies and staff as if to suggest that the problem is insurmountable. He seems content to wait for out-of-state consultants David M. Bennett and Randall B. McGruther to solve Spokane County’s problems for him.

Spokane County citizens deserve to be represented by an elected prosecutor who will do more. I will not waste taxpayers’ time making excuses; rather, I will seek out solutions to systemic problems that threaten public safety.

Chris A. Bugbee

Candidate for Spokane County prosecuting attorney


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