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Sun., April 25, 2010

Fact-checking overlooked

In my mail yesterday was a flier sent by Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers about “what Health Care reform will mean to you.”

While I respect her right to her opinion and understand she can vote as she pleases, I do find it unacceptable that she uses factually incorrect information in the taxpayer-funded flier to bolster her point. As an example, she states as fact in her flier, “More than 16,500 IRS agents will be hired to verify your finances …” (She graciously left out Ron Paul’s statement that all 16,500 would be coming to your door armed). This is a patently false statement and I would expect more honesty in a taxpayer-funded communication.

Please, as has been mentioned many times in this forum, check the facts at or when these partisan statements are made before falling for them.

Barry Cross


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