Letters to the Editor

SUNDAY, AUG. 15, 2010

Bugbee best pick for community

As a police detective in Spokane, I investigated a number of high-profile cases. The one that haunts me the most is the Vanessa Behan murder. Though I fought hard to have both the mother and father charged with murder and believe I could prove they were both with 2-year-old Vanessa during the time the fatal blow was struck, the prosecutor chose to only charge the father. The mother went on the witness stand, took the Fifth, and the jury couldn’t decide which had struck the fatal blow. They both went free.

I’ve gone toe to toe with prosecutors as a police detective and as a criminal defense investigator, so I’d like to believe I have insight as to what it takes to be a good leader and a good prosecutor. Each time I mark my ballot in a race for prosecutor I mark it for someone I feel will be a good leader and will see to it that prosecutorial mistakes like the ones that happened in Vanessa’s case won’t happen again. The race for prosecutor in Spokane County is extremely important and affects the community greatly. Please join me in voting for Chris Bugbee.

Brian R. Breen


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