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Credentials unmatched

The residents of Spokane County need Bonnie Mager’s skills on the Board of Commissioners. A major reason why is that Commissioner Mager’s career bio is very different from her co-commissioners and four challengers.

Over 20 years prior to her election, Mager served on a variety of boards and councils targeting solutions to community issues, worked with children and worked as director of the Neighborhood Alliance, an organization dedicated to improving and preserving neighborhoods.

Her lengthy experience of seeking solutions to community problems has contributed valuable insight to the board’s decision-making process. In addition, Mager’s viewpoint and life experiences as a woman provide the needed female input on the many diverse issues the board must deal with.

Commissioner Mager has demonstrated her frugal approach to the use of our tax dollars by her vote against the county’s $4.3 million purchase of a racetrack. With added improvements, the cost of this racetrack has ballooned to $7.1 million. Meanwhile, current budget projections for 2011 show a county budget deficit of $3 million!

Which would you rather have? A $7.1 million racetrack? Or a county budget with zero deficit? Vote to re-elect Commissioner Bonnie Mager. We need her voice and her vote.

Judy Belous



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