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Sun., Aug. 22, 2010

Reciprocate in kind

As many of the Islamic faith are so sensitive to issues of real or perceived slights against their deeply held belief and values, I find it sadly ironic that the men who have chosen to build an Islamic center on the site so near the location where the Twin Towers were destroyed do not see the need to be more sensitive to the feelings of others in a situation where it is being shown clearly that they are the ones “giving offense.”

Intentional harm or accidental dismissive insults often end with the same feelings, that of anger and the interpretation that one’s most deeply held values are being cast aside as meaningless by an outsider. (Recall the issue of female U.S. soldiers at Mecca, which to this day bothers many Muslims.)

I personally don’t want anyone saying to the organizers of the proposed center that they cannot build at this particular location. I want those who chose to place the Islamic center so near ground zero to see it through the eyes of those that they have offended, as I am sure they wish others would show greater tolerance and understanding of issues they feel to be sacred and inviolate.

Jennifer Adams


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