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Wrong idea of decency

I am writing in response to Charles Krauthammer’s Aug. 14 column, “Mosque site offends decency.” I am afraid I cannot accept his conclusions.

Mr. Krauthammer writes that a Japanese cultural center at Pearl Harbor, for example, would be offensive, but, frankly, I wouldn’t find such a thing offensive at all. I don’t see how an appreciation of Japanese culture could be seen as insulting to those remembered at Pearl Harbor. To prevent the construction of such a building would be punishing the entire Japanese nation for the faults of a government that is long gone.

In the same way, to forbid the building of a mosque near ground zero would be blaming the Muslim religion for the sins of one radical offshoot. Muslims didn’t perpetrate 9/11. Radical Islamic terrorists did, and until we make that distinction, walls will be built in place of the bridges Mr. Krauthammer mentions.

A culture of misunderstanding, hate, separation and stereotyping is the real cause of the tragedy of 9/11. To continue that culture, to feed that same endless cycle of mistrust, that is what offends decency. That is the real sacrilege of ground zero.

Natalie Pilgeram



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