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SATURDAY, DEC. 11, 2010

Truth took a licking

David Brookbank (Letters, Nov. 30) speaks of truths many would prefer to ignore. The Bush administration deceptively tied Iraq to 9/11, then proceeded to deceive the public into supporting a pre-emptive war. Watch “Bush’s War” to hear those in his administration and leadership positions confirm bullish acts of dishonesty masterminded by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and John Yoo.

Embedding the media in specified locations, banning publicity of coffins returning to our shores, releasing deceptively low numbers of civilian deaths, and crafting legal documentation to justify breaking multiple laws were but a few of the successful ploys to filter the realities of this war and whip up a fervor of nationalism in our country. Yet many continue to believe that our military is “fighting for our freedom” in Iraq and elsewhere.

For decades our government has covertly interfered in other countries, even overthrowing democratically elected governments, for our advantage. When will Americans pull their heads out of the sand, take off their blinders, begin to question these acts of violence that are done by our government in our names, and realize the devastating effects they have on the poor and defenseless of our world?

Paul McDonnell


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