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Nurses have many issues

Driving down Grand recently, I saw nurses out picketing. Inquiring, I wondered what their grievances were.

Evidently, there are a lot of issues: Some 45- to 55-year-old RNs that have put in their years would now lose a lot of money if Sacred Heart has its way. Sacred Heart had promised the nurses that they would have their pensions. Also, Sacred Heart wants to change the medical benefits any time they feel like it. This could mean higher co-pays and deductibles. Sacred Heart now wants to change the rules?

Sacred Heart also wants the nurses to be on call on their days off and not provide them with a 15-minute break. Sacred Heart considers going to the bathroom and washing hands between patients a break? Some work 12-hour shifts. They should be able to sit down once in a while.

Rockwood Clinic worked with Sacred Heart for many years. Now Rockwood has signed a deal with Deaconess after several years at Sacred Heart. Why?

I read in The Spokesman-Review sometime last year they had a $98.8 million profit. If this is all true, shame on Sacred Heart.

Dolores Grim



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