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Tea party concern newly found

Right-wing tea partiers have all of a sudden developed hysteria over the federal debt. They vilify Obama for not completely undoing the mess that George left, yet voted lock-step against a “pay-go” budget. From 1978 through 2005 Democratic presidents increased federal spending 9.9 percent versus 12.1 percent for the Republicans. In the same period, the federal debt increased 4.2 percent under Democrats versus 36.4 percent for Republicans.

Republicans scream about bank bailouts, but odds are 99 percent of the bankers getting insane bonuses are Republicans, so they voted against regulation. Out of one side of the GOP mouth comes ridicule of our president for not creating jobs, yet out of the other corner is the claim that only “the market” can create a job. The sad truth is that their “trickledown” theory means the jobs trickled down and out of the country. Reaganomics has come home to roost.

Since 2001, two wars cost our country $957.76 billion and counting. I propose a wartime surtax to remove war costs from the debt. Then we can work on taking care of our country and future neocon wars will be funded. Instead of whining, let’s take responsibility and really do something to help.

Janet Callen

Coeur d’Alene