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Tax on food has merit

Our state is seeking a new source of revenue (state income tax?) due to declining sales and gas taxes by citizens spending less.

None of us wants a state income tax to solve the problem, but we must tackle the problem or the problem will tackle us. I, for one, prefer not to be tackled by a state income tax.

Simply extend the state sales tax to food. All of us must eat, so this would provide a firm source of revenue that will not decline but will increase automatically as the population increases. In good and bad times, we all need to eat. This would reduce the up and down swing in revenue.

The tax on food is fair. Those of us who eat chicken and hamburger will pay less than the wealthy eating steak and lobster. Those of us who overeat will pay more than those eating less. Tourists will contribute more revenue.

The best reason of all for a sales tax on food is that people not legally in our country will at least be paying something. Something is better than nothing.

The time to act is now, should we not wish to be tackled.

Pat Manners



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