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Sun., July 11, 2010

Ideal set of experiences

Quite possibly the most qualified and best candidate to ever seek the office of Spokane County commissioner in its 152-year history is running this year. He is Jeff Holy and is ideal for the position.

As an independent voter, I’ve been a student of Spokane politics since 2003 and I’ve never seen a more “custom-tailored” skill set of experiences for an elected office in a candidate to date.

Jeff Holy is an Army veteran, former police detective, attorney and family man. He has been a member of a board that manages a larger government budget than Spokane County’s and is as perfect for the job of county commissioner as there has ever been. He’s a man of high intelligence and integrity with decades of deep roots in this community.

We can put our trust in Jeff Holy to guide Spokane County through the economic typhoon that is heading our way over the next several years. He will honestly communicate the truth as to what is going on in our county. Regardless of political affiliation, Jeff Holy is the ultimate candidate for Spokane County commissioner, and I encourage Democrats, Republicans and fellow independents to vote for him this August and November.

M. W. Monroe


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