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Sat., July 31, 2010

Turn the cheek, or the page

I personally think this is what is wrong with society today: Everyone thinks they need an apology (“Cartoonist should apologize,” Letters, July 22).

However something that really befuddles me is: Are not most religious groups (in this case Christianity) supposed to be pacifists and are simply supposed to turn the other cheek and forgive? (I think that most of the idols for today’s religions would be saddened to see what has become of their people. Judging and killing in the name of “their” God.)

The cartoonist in question mocks everything, no subject being sacred. The final point I would like is that The Spokesman-Review can publish and print anything it likes; this is part of the freedom of the press. If you find this cartoonist/paper to be too offensive, perhaps you should find a new newspaper or don’t read the comics. I found the comic in question to be both funny and a reflection of today’s society.

Torianne Davis

Metaline Falls

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