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Chadez has the credentials

The choice for Spokane’s 3rd Legislative District’s successor to Rep. Alex Wood, who’s decided to retire after many years of honorable service to us in Olympia, is a simple and clear one. I will be voting for Louise Chadez because she is a candidate of the people.

Ms. Chadez has been a social worker her entire career. Having three personal friends who are social workers, I know they have to be good listeners and sincerely want to help others. Social workers learn to problem solve on the fly because they work within a complex system that must meet diverse and compelling community needs every day, often under crisis conditions and with limited resources.

Ms. Chadez has not only done her job well for over 30 years, she’s also held leadership roles on community boards that developed and sustained programs of immense benefit to 3rd District residents. Her qualifications are unique in the field of candidates vying for the office.

We need legislators in Olympia who understand how their decisions impact their constituents. We need legislators with Ms. Chadez’s integrity, passion and genuine concern for others. Join me in voting for Louise Chadez on Aug. 17.

Keith Milligan



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