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Tue., March 9, 2010, midnight

Dispatching docs right move

“Sacred Heart boots Rockwood” was the headline in the Feb. 27 S-R. Good for Sacred Heart!

Rockwood physicians have historically sent 90 percent of their patients to Sacred Heart. But Community Health Systems comes along and waves $50 million at the doctors, who promptly change their allegiance. Not for better current facilities and programs than what they had, but for promises and a lot of cold, hard cash.

Sacred Heart has no reason to provide space and services to people who have switched allegiances and are now a competitor. What rational business would house their competition under their own roof?

I suspect that this is not the last change that Rockwood will make. Look for a decrease in the number of Medicare patients they see (that plan doesn’t pay as well as other programs do) and less involvement with health insurance programs that reimburse on the low end. After all, they are now part of a for-profit operation. Watch your wallets, Spokane.

Donald F. Calbreath


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