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Toyota has company

Now that the Associated Press is reporting that tests were unable to duplicate the problem in the car which was reported as the “runaway Prius” in California, it boils down to an issue of who and what to believe. Toyota maintains that they have found nothing to explain reports with their cars. Toyota detractors maintain that Toyota is “hiding something” and is too slow to repair defective cars even though they are conducting preventive recalls.

But suppose these things were not caused by defects in Toyota cars. What that company is saying and doing is just right. Suppose there is a defect in Toyota cars and despite diligent search, Toyota has not yet found it. What that company has been saying and doing is still just right. Only if that company KNOWS of a defect and has not repaired it is that company deserving of punishment.

Does anyone really think that the Toyota company is so stupid as to make that kind of a bonehead mistake? Notice that Toyota is not alone in receiving reports of “unintended acceleration.” Google National Public Radio’s vehicle acceleration database. It is very informative.

Who is the winner in this fight?

Allan deLaubenfels



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