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‘Crush’ films just cruelty

The Supreme Court justices are out of touch with the average person. Who in their right mind would think that it is a First Amendment right to murder innocent animals and put the act on a website for anyone to see? That’s exactly what the Supreme Court did in its 8-1 decision that rejected the ban on “crush” videos.

These videos often show women murdering small animals by crushing them to death with their bare feet or with their high-heeled shoes. This is not free speech or expression – it’s cruelty to animals. Anyone involved with the making of these videos or those that watch them are sadistic and sick. So, why on earth would the Supreme Court condone such behavior?

Please contact your senators and congressperson and urge them to write a new, better law that the Supreme Court will have to uphold. Innocent animals are counting on you.

Esther Hildahl