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Sun., May 9, 2010

Aerial views aren’t new

It’s that time when the candidate bin is flung open and all manner and form of bodies come fluttering out.

Recently an announced candidate for the assessor’s position stated in The Spokesman-Review that he would put a stop to an aerial photograph program in the assessor’s office. With the amount of education and technical experience this person supposedly has he must know that such technology is available to anyone with a home computer. You can view your property or any property across the USA and most countries around the world.

The assessor, as are many other elected officials, is seeking ways to meet state mandates with shrinking budgets and manpower shortages. The technology is available to view property using aerial photography, thus reducing man-hours and driving personal vehicles all over the country to view many properties. The use of personal vehicles, by the way, is paid for by the taxpayer and we are nearing $4 per gallon for fuel.

Simply don’t spew forth garbage. Most times citizens show more intelligence than office seekers.

George Britton


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