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Congress is the culprit

As a “tea partier” and a patriot who served in the South Pacific, 1942-’46 Army, I would like to answer C.A. Cordero’s letter of April 28.

We, the American people, have every right to peacefully protest any legislation we do not agree with. He wants to know what we are really protesting. We did care about the national debt and the war in the Middle East. That is why the Democrats are in office. However, in less than a year, they sent more troops to the Middle East and raised the national debt beyond belief.

It is not “tea partiers” who protest the will of the American people. It is Congress that gave privileges to some of the states for their votes. Our government does not have a constitutional right to tell the people what they must buy, and that includes health insurance.

We do not have a dictatorship yet.

Robert J. Sheehan



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