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College is a choice

Another perfect example of how pervasive two (very dangerous) mentalities – victimhood and entitlement – have become in society. To get readers emotionally on board, (Shawn) Vestal presents a “broken” higher education system and a young woman (a teacher no less, which really pulls the ol’ heartstrings) whose debt is a result of the system.

As a 22-year-old recent graduate of a four-year/$85,000 university, which is paid off by scholarships from hard work, good grades and working throughout my academic career, I find it rather galling that folks my age possess such a victimhood mentality; and that folks such as Vestal encourage and give voice to that mentality.

College is indeed expensive. It is also extremely optional, and is not meant for everyone! The university is now saturated with a generation that is told from a young age that a college degree is its birthright, regardless of academic efforts in primary and secondary school. No wonder the system appears “broken.” College debt is a result of choice, and graduates must learn to act like adults and pay their bills.

Please, grow up!

Paul Banducci

Post Falls


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