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Sat., Sept. 11, 2010, midnight

Lack of knowledge no obstacle

Regarding Doug Clark’s column “Ozzie out of character on this one” (Sept. 5), he hit the nail on the head when he wrote: “I don’t know a thing about running a Sheriff’s Department or how to investigate a shooting.”

What perplexes me is that he always seems to have a suggestion on how to do it better. In the column, he seems to suggest that the sheriff should have kept the deputy’s vacation on the down low, and that letting the public know about the vacation was a “public relations disaster.” Maybe so, but isn’t this the same Doug Clark that rails against local law enforcement for not being “transparent”? Clark surely would have orchestrated a public relations disaster had he not been privy to the reasoning behind the interview’s delay.

Clark did give some good advice to the sheriff in suggesting that Knezovich “stop listening to the many voices around him and trust his own sense of what’s right and wrong.” What Mr. Clark might not realize is that he and the other rumormongers in the media are some of the “voices around him.”

My best wishes go out to the Creach family.

Bart Stevens

Spokane Valley

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