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No strings on Romeyn

I like Daryl Romeyn. I wish he could have won the endorsement of the local Democratic Party in support of his candidacy for Congress. Maybe he’s too independent, but he’s open, guileless, honorable and pretty darn smart. After years of our puppetlike Republican incumbent, Daryl is asking why we let ourselves be represented by such an automated lackey of large business interests.

Cynics say, “Yeah, but he hasn’t a chance.” Well, let’s give him one. This fellow is risking a sizable chunk of his own money and making a full-time effort to carry out this challenge.

Our congresswoman’s socially unconcerned benefactors have long pressured against our country’s best interests while protecting their own financial benefits. They continuously block workable modifications of proven New and Fair Deal approaches, leaving us their old raw deal.

Certifiable economic probabilities indicate that carefully crafted governmental interventions such as subsidies often produce direct, effective, money-saving solutions to our threatening social and environmental endangerments.

Why must our unacceptable incumbent be thought a shoo-in for re-election? Are we constituents all that helpless? Come on, people!

If voters and lazy nonvoters let her win, Daryl Romeyn and I sadly but confidently forecast billowing storms of regret.

Thomas L. Westbrook



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