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Basic learning neglected

Our students are failing, not only in math but English as well, so what in heck are the Spokane Public Schools doing teaching Spanish in middle school? Do these students have a choice, or is it mandated they help turn this country into a bilingual society?

Is it fair students do not have the same chance to study German, French, Italian, Norwegian or a language of their choice dealing with each student’s personal ethnic background?

I have studied results of student progress, and the spelling and correct use of everything from punctuation and on is a shame. Without a computer word processor, they are dead in the water.

Before a student can even be eligible to study language other than English they should have to pass a very detailed test in English, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, verbiage, phrasing and handwriting skills so what they do write is legible. And not require but allow only in grades 11 and 12, so U.S. history and updated current events and government are taught.

Forgetting educational basics in reading, writing and math skills just to glorify and reward a so-called educator by dreaming up such poor-choice programs is devastating the students’ necessary academic skills.

Bert A. Overland


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