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Sat., April 2, 2011

Scripture comparison fails

Monday’s column by Leonard Pitts critical of our reactions to Islamic fanatics and equilibrating the violence of the Bible with the Quran really deserves comment. To paraphrase our beloved NRA, words don’t kill people, jihadists do.

The sermons coming out of mosques, the government-based edicts, the numerous media outlets and, worst of all, prejudicial teachings in schools all present in Muslim countries target the West, Jews and Christians. Furthermore, in Afghanistan and Iraq, how often is it that we constantly hear of Sunni/Shiite bombings along with schools, markets, funerals and police buildings.

The recent horrific murders of sleeping Israeli parents and their children, the bus bombing killing a Scottish Bible translator in Jerusalem, and the subsequent celebrations by Palestinians (all actions underreported by our Spokesman) further testify to the weakness of Pitts’ arguments.

This columnist is a politically correct apologista for terrorists. I challenge him to take a stroll down the streets of Rome, Tel Aviv and Tehran and see where he gets out alive. It’s easy to be a naive writer based in an office in America, even Miami.

Joseph Harari


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