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Time for a different plan

Democrats suggest if we stop paying Planned Parenthood to slaughter babies that our costs will skyrocket and we will have to pay to support all those unwanted babies.

Why? We have to keep one left-winged, Democrat program going so one won’t become more congested? Let’s end them both. Why are working Americans tasked to support those who won’t?

Let’s make it law that if you have a child and can’t afford to support it, it will be taken away and someone who can support it will do so? Also, the blood parents then should be on the hook to provide child support to the family raising their child. They can live on what’s left over without government handouts.

As it is now, we reward bad behavior and poor choices. We encourage people to be irresponsible and have contempt for those who achieve. It’s time to end the war on poverty and start the war on irresponsibility. Of course that would mean an end to the Democrat party because they are the party of irresponsibility.

We should at the same time continue to support those who truly cannot support themselves because of circumstances that are no fault of their own.

Rob Leach



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