April 17, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Where were the supervisors?


In all the publicity about the air traffic controllers sleeping on the job, I have never heard once about who is supervising these people. That is where the emphasis should be.

I worked for many years being responsible for seven-day, 24-hour operations in multiple states. Never once did I hear of any problems with our people sleeping on the job.

Our supervisors and managers were held responsible. They visited our various sites and control centers frequently. It was their job.

Many worked their day shift but would come in the middle of the night and see how their people were doing. To my knowledge no one would dare to be found sleeping.

In my opinion, the emphasis should be on the lack of supervision, not adding more people. With two controllers, they can now take turns sleeping.

These controllers get big salaries, their supervisors even more. Make them earn their pay and do what they should be doing, supervising their people.

Roy Tiefisher

Coeur d’Alene

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