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SATURDAY, AUG. 13, 2011

Stuckart gets results

Ben Stuckart has been instrumental in getting preventive dental care services to children in need in the Spokane schools. I’m the owner of Tooth Savers LLC, and I was surprised that while the schools said they saw a need for cavity prevention at their schools, the administrators were balking at having a School Sealant and Fluoride Varnish Program in their districts.

In May 2009, I was ready to give up. Then along came Ben Stuckart and he introduced me to his organization, Communities in Schools. At first I was skeptical as to how Ben would break down barriers, where I, a professional expert in prevention dentistry, could not.

I think Ben has a no-nonsense approach to controversial problems. He was able to show school district administrators that a school sealant program was a building block in the design of keeping kids healthy and keeping them in school.

I think Ben will make a great City Council president. He has done an outstanding job in creating many community partners with Communities in Schools.

Gail Heacox

Tooth Savers LLC


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