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Sat., Aug. 13, 2011

Verner a steady leader

I have to chuckle at David Condon’s print propaganda. “It’s time for new leadership at city hall.” Really? We’ve had nothing but new leadership at City Hall for the past seven or eight administrations. Maybe that’s been part of the problem in Spokane – no strategic vision, no sustained effort.

In her first term as mayor, Mary Verner has demonstrated the ability to work effectively and generate results. She accelerated city construction projects, providing a crucial $50 million construction season that’s both preserved and created much-needed jobs. She’s cut $34 million from the city budget over three years without raising tax rates. She’s been an effective proponent for growing green jobs and putting our city on the path to recovery. What has been accomplished is a City Hall that is working for us.

Don’t let her soft voice and quiet demeanor fool you. She knows how to get things done. It’s time to break with tradition in Spokane and re-elect a successful, effective mayor to a second term. I’m voting for Verner.

Barbara Marney


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