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Bicyclists are responsible

Regarding Richard Haste’s letter “Bicyclists should pay up”: I would like to introduce myself and my friends. I am the founder of a women’s biking group called Belles and Baskets. Our 400 members come together to learn how to be better cyclists, make new friends and enjoy the beauty of our neighborhoods, trails and community.

We are students, nurses, attorneys, librarians, teachers, business owners and volunteers. We are lesbian and straight. We are child-free, mothers and grandmothers. We are native Spokanites and from across the globe. We are novice cyclists and avid bike commuters. We are your neighbors and friends.

Mr. Haste, I am sure you would agree that cyclists allow for more room on the streets and in parking lots and cause less wear on the roads. I hope you realize that nearly all of us pay property, gas and sales taxes, and we are providing our financial share toward bike lanes.

My fellow bike riders, the business community and political leaders are all aware that becoming a bike and pedestrian-friendly city will make Spokane a better place for all of us. Using our taxes to fund such infrastructure must continue.

Betsy Lawrence



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