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Sat., Feb. 5, 2011

Coddling the privileged

After reading Rob Leach’s version of “wealth distribution” (Letters, Jan. 21) I pondered what his version of the world would be. It was wonderful.

The rich now controlled an even larger portion of wealth and lived even more opulently than they do now. Controlling most of the wealth, they also controlled the government so that all those pesky rules that stifled business were now gone. No more profit-robbing rules against pollution, child labor, fair practices and minimum wages. Gone were the confiscatory laws creating Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, public education and the host of other wealth distribution plots of the communist left.

The other two-thirds lived hand to mouth. Totally dependent on the good will of their masters, they finally were paid what they were worth, which wasn’t much. They lived in hovels on the outskirts so as to not create an unsightly nuisance. It was a virtual Utopia. It reminded me much of, mmm … 18th-century Europe, with one notable exception.

Thanks to the NRA, practically all were armed with high-powered, rapid-fire weapons and lots of ammo. I’ll try to conjure up what the outcome of that condition might be.

D. Neil Fitzgerald


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