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Deficit views inconsistent

The Republicans confuse me. They campaign on reducing deficit spending, yet support cutting taxes for the wealthy, which increases the deficit. They want to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, but that would also increase the deficit. They won’t consider any cuts to defense spending.

The only cuts I hear about from the GOP are cuts which profoundly hurt the middle class and the poor, such as cutting Social Security and possibly even eliminating Medicare. The impression I get is that they want everyone who isn’t rich to just die. Or maybe they want four generations of each family occupying one home in order to survive. That will do wonders for the housing market, won’t it?

They talk vaguely about creating jobs for Americans, yet they support corporations which continue outsourcing American jobs. So far, there have been no suggestions from the GOP as to how they plan to increase jobs. They want to eliminate unions and even the minimum wage. Where will it end?

Another thing that confuses me is why people who aren’t millionaires vote for Republicans.

Ann Warwick



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