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Sun., Feb. 6, 2011

All in the execution

A comment on the tragic murder of the prison guard. Our governor wants to determine what happened so this will not happen again.

Wake up! This happened because this suspect was not executed years ago.

He raped one woman and set her on fire. After conviction, the state released him on parole because he was a model prisoner. He then raped another woman and was sentenced to life without parole. Now he (allegedly) killed the woman guard.

What will happen? Another trial with a free attorney. He may receive the death penalty now but his taxpayer-funded attorney will be able to delay the execution through numerous appeals for 15 years while running up more taxpayer-funded legal fees. During this lengthy appeal process he will remain in prison exactly as he had been before the murder.

What is the downside for him after committing this killing? Nothing! His life will not change.

So our governor wants to investigate and ignore that the killing would not have happened if he had been executed. As Florida officials can confirm, Ted Bundy has not killed any more young women since he was executed.

Ronald Garrett


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